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Bigger or better

You start with 2 Pennies and you head to your neighbors house.  Knock on the door.  Hi there, we are playing a game called “Bigger or Better”, I have this penny, do you have anything in the house you would be willing to trade me for this penny that is Bigger OR Better?  For the first few houses you end up with small gains, A paperclip, pen, pad of paper … But then someone gives you a snow globe, an old trophy … after a few hours of this (Bring a wagon, trust me)  You will have something almost unbelievable.  

If you read one of my earlier posts, you know I have an addiction to finding great deals on bikes, buying, riding and then selling them.  I also LOVE helping my friends find good deals on bikes .. So much so that on several occasions I would find the perfect bike for a friend, buy it and HOPE they were willing and able to buy it from me.  (Luckily they all have)

So why not help someone else using my addiction for good?  So here is the challenge

Start with $1,000 bucks and trade, barter and sell my way into a top spec mountain bike for some deserving kiddo. 


  1. Can not spend more than $1,000 for the first bike
  2. Must buy a bike or parts and trade or sell them for more money or a better parts or bike
  3. The winner of the bike will be based on video submission and voting from the DadBod MTB listeners. 
  4. Goal to final Exchange is June 15th 2023 

I'm personally very excited for the challenge and even if we can only help 1 Kiddo this year, it could be a life changing event for them.  I know how much access to good equipment has improved my family’s riding time together! 

So let's begin this game of bigger or better, MTB edition. 

To enter for a chance to win, please go here and submit your application - MTB Giveway (

Michael Neef

Co-Founder & Editor

Dad, Mountain Biker, chauffeur and N+1 enthusiast.

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